The Alchemist Academy

The Alchemist Academy produces and host courses on a variety of topics in total health and human performance. Many of our programs qualify as continuing education for integrative healthcare providers.


Alchemist Quest- Publishing

Alchemist Quest Publishing offers a variety of services to support authors writing on the topics of health, wellness, personal development, and human performance.

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Alchemist Marketplace

The Alchemist Marketplace is an open market which host and supports vendors providing quality natural products, nutritional supplements, foods, beverages, self care and training devices.

“An Alchemist is any person who seeks the higher development of mind, body, and spirit......

......for all Alchemist, information is distilled to incite. Knowledge and experience transformed to wisdom”
— Dr. Brett Guimard
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About Alchemist Quest Inc.

Established to Help people achieve and Maintain Personal Excellence of total health


Alchemist Quest Inc. was founded by Dr. Brett Guimard through a passion for health, wellness, personal development, and human performance. Dr. Brett is a former Senior High Performance Healthcare Provider for the United States Olympic Committee where he helped the United States of America’s top Olympic and Paralympic athletes improve and maintain their total health, wellness and performance. Dr. Brett holds degrees in Culinary Arts, Nutrition, Dietetics, Food Science, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Diplomat of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians. Dr. Brett served as the USA Medical Director for 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Dr. Brett is a national and internationally recognized keynote lecturer and highly sought after performance coach, mentor and educator. Dr. Brett is the author of several articles and books on the topics of health, wellness, personal growth and human performance.