The Alchemist Academy is an Online Academy Dedicated to Lifelong Learning for Transformation, Total Health and Human Performance.



Lifelong Learning for Transformation, Total Health and Human Performance


The Alchemist Academy

With the information overload, misinformation and content that we are exposed to on a daily basis there is real value in practical, reliable programs delivered by true leaders in personal growth, transformation and total health.

The Alchemist Academy is a place for instructors and experts in health, wellness, personal growth and human performance to share their knowledge with the world.

We help people develop and deliver online courses and programs focused on improving and transforming the lives of others. We value knowledge and practical incite over mere information. We make it easy for experts to create and deliver high quality programs and share their wisdom.

All courses and programs hosted in the Alchemist Academy are taught and delivered by topic experts and leaders in their fields.

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