Alchemist Quest Publishing

Alchemist Quest Publishing offers a variety of services to help authors on topics of health, wellness, personal development, and human performance. Our mission is to help authors impact more peoples lives through their books, digital products information, knowledge, and resources

AQ publishing

Author Coaching/mentoring

Helping authors to get their books written. Everyone has knowledge and information to share but we could all use a little help when it comes to getting our ideas onto paper. Alchemist Quest Author Coaching and Mentoring Program does just that. We provided support from the first word in your outline word to holding the finished book in your hand and everything in between.

Library Distribution

We help authors get their books into libraries throughout the US. We can provide education and training so that you know what steps to take to get your book into libraries all throughout the US….. or we can do the work for you by having our agents personally contact libraries for you.

Library Distribution


Digital Programs and COurses

We help authors and educators turn their ideas, books, and lectures into online courses and programs. We provide all the tools needed to turn your information and content into digital products ready to help other learn what you have to share. We also offer the option for Alchemist Quest Academy to host and distribute your courses and programs.